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As a busy mum you feel like you are constantly getting pulled in every direction, often running on empty. You feel a sense of loss for who you were before having children. Deep down, maybe you still feel like parts of you that were left behind after becoming a mum. It’s time to reinvent yourself, to mesh the old with the new and give yourself permission to be your most authentic fulfilled self., It’s time for you to live a happier, balanced and empowered life full of purpose, drive and connection….

The oxygen mask theory

One of the major instructions they tell you in the safety demonstration on an aeroplane is to They tell you to put your own oxygen mask on before you help others. It’s a well-used metaphor for mums, but it so clearly illustrates how essentially it is to look after ourselves FIRST! Not always easy, I know, but… I just wanted to check in here – how’s your oxygen mask travelling? Still on the shelf? The thing is, looking after yourself is not only the key to your survival, but to everyone else that’s important to you as well. No ‘oxygen’, no mum... Or at least a mum that’s stressed, overwhelmed, quick to shout, cry, slam doors, and feel completely out of her depth in her daily reality.

We can help: Connect with our community of like-minded mums

There is a way out of the overwhelm, and it starts with finding a whole tribe of mamas who’ve been exactly where you are. Trust me, you are not alone in feeling this way – we have all experienced the ups and downs of life as a magnificent mama. And while none of us would trade a second for anything, going through it alone isn’t fun!

Connect and Thrive is a no BS, judgment-free mamahood community FULL of like-minded mums just like you. Being a part of the community to takes you from overwhelmed with who you ‘"should" be’ to stepping into your power and owning who you are.

This unique community is for mums who want MORE out of life – who want to feel more uplifted, inspired and deeply connected to an amazing community of mamas who want to rise with you and see you succeed!

We embody our authentic selves and step into our true power

When we love, accept and celebrate ourselves


Our life is in flow. We transform from ‘coping’ to flourishing, and in that space anything is possible!

What our members are saying:

Why join Connect and Thrive?

Our community is place where you can eliminate ‘comparisonitis’

... and bring up things in a judgement-free environment you wouldn’t even feel comfortable talking about with your real-life besties — family, relationships, down-in-the-dumps days, small wins & so much more!

Stop the Mum guilt, and be held accountable to following through on your personal goals to bring that happy, fulfilled mama to the surface.

You’ll gain:

+CONFIDENCE… to stop playing small, to stop settling, to stop worrying about what you should do or who you should be, to go for what you want, shut those self doubts down and feel damn good about it.


... having the courage and motivation to take action toward and living the life you deserve that lights you up.

+ COMMUNITY ... there’s nothing more freeing than knowing that you’re part of a judgment-free, no-BS mamahood, and you are 100% supported.

You can be a mum but as well as that, you can also be whoever else you want to be in your own right!

What you get:

Community: Exclusive Mums That Thrive Facebook Group

Our secret Facebook Group is where you can ask your questions, get feedback from our coaches and experts as well as and other mums on the journey, be supported and celebrate your wins. As a mum’s mindset coach, I continue to help hundreds of mums to thrive in their motherhood journey. We encourage you to ask your questions, share tips, talk things through, so that we can all expand our knowledge together. The group setting is 'secret', so that your Facebook friends cannot see you are a member or read your interactions. Our members love to lift each other as they climb to their success and we are so very proud of our supportive community.

Learn: Access To The ‘Mums That Thrive’ Content Hub

Get the trusted, reliable information you need to successfully navigate your motherhood journey. Packed with expert video trainings, easy-to-follow downloads, members hints and tips, this will save you countless hours of wondering what to do or worse still getting completely incorrect information that is dangerous to your both your physical and mental health! Our portal is designed so you can dip in and out, to get the information you need at the time. Or you can work through to really understanding life-changing insights and guides. You get access to everything, from healthy recipes to mindset, we will cover it all for you.

Connect: Support From Others On The Journey With Bi-Monthly Evens and Virtual Mama Circles

We often hear the journey through motherhood is a lonely one, as it is something that only you can experience for yourself. The Mums That Thrive Membership offers you the opportunity to connect with other mums who know what you are going through, in a supportive and controlled environment. Make connections, build your self-esteem and be inspired by our community and become an inspiration to others.

Be Inspired: Monthly Experts and Inspiring Guests

Each month hear from those in the know about the topics you love. Sometimes it will be from inspiring mamas juggling work/motherhood or handpicked experts on all the things you request. From money mindset, personal development, managing overwhelm and much, much, more. Want to hear from the best in the business about something that is troubling you? Let the team know and we will find that person who can share their insights and experience so we can continue to thrive together.


VIP Event Access. Want to jump the queue when it comes to our online or in-person events? Excellent. You will get VIP access to all our upcoming events and special treats that come along for VIPS on the way. PLUS, you get a cute keyring that you simply flash that rushes you to the front (and means you can spot your keys a mile away, also they are kid-friendly so no hassles if they get in baby’s mouth)

Exclusive Discounts and Partner Specials. You get first dibs at specials that any of our partner businesses offer. These include discounts, prizes, bonus with purchase, lots of little goodies coming your way if you choose to shop with our specially selected business partners.

This is for you if you....

  • Want to surround yourself with a close- knit community of like-minded mums who will celebrate you, hold space for you and help hold you accountable to be your happiest, fulfilled self.
  • Are loving my social media/free FB group vibe and you are ready to step up the support.
  • Want to regularly connect with inspiring, authentic mamas who are on the same journey as you.
  • Want to feel empowered, inspired and held on your journey to your most fulfilled self.
  • You believe the best investment you can make is in YOURSELF.

Hi, I'm Jess

I’m a mum of two boys under 4 and I’m the founder of Mums That Thrive, a mental health advocate and empowerment and mindset coach for mums.

I’ve been through post natal depression/anxiety twice and I’m incredibly passionate about helping other mums thrive and live their most fulfilled lives, just like I have done for myself 🙏🏼.

And it was this that lead me to want to have a better understanding of what was going on for mums both mentally and physically.

I’ve spent the past several years on a journey of discovery and education. Hours and hours of my time (snuck in after bedtimes, between naps, anything I could snatch really) has been spent on specialist trainings. This has lead to Mindfulness and Meditation Certifications, Life-Coaching Programs, Master Neuro-Lynguistic Psychology, and Hypnotherapy implementation courses. This means I have the skills, tools and expertise to help mums just like get past their limiting beliefs so they can live their life with more joy, less mum guilt, and what is holding them back so they can live the lives they deserve.You need to show your children that it is an empowering thing to be our true selves and take care of ourselves (first).

I am so excited that Mums That Thrive has finally taken the leap and that our ‘Connect and Thrive Membership is here., I know it will be life changing for you.

See you on the inside, mama…

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