It starts here: How to be a happier mama…

By knowing you’re not alone, you’re supported and you’re free to be the best version of yourself (no matter what that looks like).

Our founder, Jess Kyriacou

As a mum of two young boys and a motherhood mindset and empowerment coach, I’m delighted to be the founder of Mums That Thrive. A group for mamas to find their power and follow their passions, we have an ever-growing collection of unique spirits joining us every day.

As a first time mum going through PND/Anxiety, I found myself wondering how to be a happier mum. For my gorgeous family, yes, but also for myself. I found that motherhood can be a lonely, isolating space. I would go to mothers' group and I felt alienated because everyone looked like they had it all together. Similarly in the online world, it's easy to fall into the comparison trap because everywhere you look you see perfection, not the whole picture.

These experiences are not unique to me and drove me toward a strong calling to help other mums navigate this tricky transition to their fully realised selves. I had a vision to create a positive safe space for mums where they can truly be who they are, struggles, accomplishments and all, with zero judgement. A place to grow together and truly thrive. I want to show mamas who are feeling lost and completely overwhelmed how to go from simply surviving to thriving in motherhood.

I’ve done it, and I know it’s possible for you too, like I did, and LIVE life with less mum guilt and more joy.

I want mamas everywhere to live their lives with less mum guilt and more joy.

I used coaching strategies, thought work and self care to help heal and re-discover myself when going through post-natal depression and anxiety with both my sons.

It’s OK to be a mum with big dreams!

What I eventually found, was that it’s completely OK to want more for myself outside of mum life. It’s actually incredibly healthy! It doesn’t mean you love you family any less, just acknowledging that your needs and wellbeing are important as well.

What also helped me immensely to come out the other side of post-natal depression and work
through my loss of identity, was re-discovering myself and nurturing my own passions;
what ‘lights me up,’ outside being ‘mama.’

This is how Mums That Thrive was born.

After going through this transformational experience, my drive to help support mums to do the same in a positive, nurturing environment was incredibly strong so I took a leap out of my comfort zone and studied a variety of courses and trainings so I could have the tools to guide other mums through the similar situations.

Timeline Reset Protocol - trained under creator and founder Emma Romano

Professional Life Coach Certification - Transformation Academy

Mindfulness Life Coach Certification - Transformation Academy

Meditation Practitioner Certification - Priority Academy

Master NLP Practitioner - Priority Academy

Hypnotherapy Diploma - Karen E Wells

How I help

Now that you’ve heard mine, I’d love to hear your story, too! Why not head on over to our MMT group and introduce yourself!

~ Jess xo

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